Products I have worked on:


iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max

Played an intergral part of design, testing and manufacturing of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models on the System EE team @ Apple. Directly responsible for multiple subsystems and modules inside the iPhone, a few a which have been pictured here. Contributed to this project right from early stage prototypes upto product market launch and post-launch field failure analysis.


AB4 - Axon's Body Worn Camera with POV Option

Spearheaded from scratch the design of the exceptional POV camera architecture with a first of it's kind fiber optic MIPI SERDES solution to transport 4K video to the main unit. The USB-C cable was very light and supple, containing just power lines, a low speed copper SERDES for Audio + control signals, along with the fiber optic unidirectional video transport. I specifically worked on brainstorning and prototyping the POV camera, made the first proof of concept dev board, form factor prototypes and integration of the design with the main camera unit.


iPhone 13

Worked on the System EE team @ Apple on the iPhone 13. Started contributing to this project at a stage when the design was more mature and focused on coexistence mitigation, factory FATP testing and debugging.

AB3 @ Axon

AB3 - Axon's Body Worn Camera

Contributed to a bunch of different subsystems such as; high speed video interface, RF noise mitigation, USB signal integrity, Audio subsystem, GNSS performance characterization, PCBA DFM and component second sourcing.


AB3's single bay dock

Designed from scratch all the electronics inside the battery charging & ethernet data offload stations for the camera AB3. Intimately familiar with USB-C data and power, USB-C to Ethernet bridge, Ethernet MDI/MII ports, switching voltage regulators.


AB3's eight bay dock

Also designed from scratch all the electronics inside the much larger capacity battery charging & ethernet data offload station for AB3s. Key highlights of the architecture were Ethernet switching and power budgeting for 8x camera charging.


Taser7's Battery Dock

Redesign and validation of the battery charging and data aggregators Docks for Axon's Conducted Electrical Weapon - Taser7. Very familiar with LiPo battery charging, multi-cell balancing, battery protection circuit as well as testing and modifing the design to pass all Safety & EMC certifications. Also worte the firmware for the battery charging algorithms.

BlueRay @ IST Lisboa

Blue Ray @ IST Lisboa

Economical Underwater optical communication system, Blue Ray, in use on a Medusa class AUV for fast data transfer over short distances. This is an alternative to low speed acoustic communication done over larger distances underwater

LIGO @ Caltech

LIGO @ Caltech

Automated photodiode frequency response measurement system: using a network controlled VNA, modulatable laser and fiber optic multiplexer

BlueRay @ IST Lisboa

IoT for Potted Plants

The device logs soil moisture, relative humidity and temperature of a potted plant. All of this data is sent to the could via MQTT brokers and can be used to track the health of the plant. Additionally, the device can periodically water the plant via a water pump controlled by a relay. A simple web frontend created and hosted on IBM Bluemix is used to display data from the device and issue commands to the device. The device is also capable of OTAFU (over the air firmware update)


Media Interactive Toy

The toy contains sensors, actuators and connects to the cloud via WiFi. The actuators respond to the content being played to bring the show to life, while the sensors let the viewer control the flow of the media storyline by reacting at certain points. The content is being controlled by a node.js server and a HTML5 player